Varsity girls tennis concludes preseason with a win

Varsity girls tennis defeated Chino Hills 14-4 in a home preseason game Friday, Sept. 20. 

In the first round, singles player freshman Joanna Kozan won her set 6-4 with crosscourt forehand hits and consistent serves. Doubles players seniors Kelly Jensen and Sara Majeed, who went the entire match undefeated, volleyed most of their opponents hits to win the set 6-1. 

“I was nervous mostly because that was the first game my parents had ever watched, but I was happy because my partner and I get along well. We have inside jokes on the court and the mood is really light,” Majeed said. “Some partners are really serious and don’t talk at all, but we always give each other racket-fives and pointers, tips and compliments.” 

Using serves and drop shots to respond to her opponent’s forehands, singles player junior Kelsey Sarmiento won her second set 6-2 despite losing her first set 0-6. In addition, doubles players seniors Leanne Lim and Juliette Radwanski and sophomores Renee Chang and Katherine Sutandar won their seconds sets 6-2 and 6-0, respectively, after winning their first sets 6-2 and 6-1, respectively. 

“Honestly, I was really frustrated because none of my shots were going in. But after that match, I talked to [alumna Priscilla Pranajasa], and she told me to stay focused and keep doing what I’m doing,” Sarmiento said. After that, I got better and felt better about myself, knowing it was a learning experience.” 

During the third round, singles player sophomore Felicia Ang lost her set 0-6, after winning her previous set 6-3 utilizing forehands. Jensen and Majeed won the last set of the match 7-5, completing a doubles sweep. 

“I give them some positive reinforcement—I mess around with them, tease them a bit, anything to get them out of their comfort zone,” coach Lee Shiomoto said.  “I keep telling the girls: make one less forced error.” 

The Mustangs will have their first home league game against Diamond Ranch Tuesday, Sept. 24. Results were unavailable during press time. 

“We’re just starting league tomorrow, so I expect to be undefeated in league for sure. I’m pretty sure I can attest to the fact that we’re probably one of the best in our league,” Majeed said. “As for our preseason matches they were difficult, but they were good practice.”

By Jacob Khuu, Manager
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez

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