Varsity girls tennis defeated by Claremont

Varsity girls tennis lost to Claremont 2-16 in a home preseason game Tuesday, Sept. 10.

The Mustangs’ two wins came from doubles players seniors McKenzie Mai and Juliette Radwanski and singles player junior Kelsey Sarmiento who won their sets 6-4 and 7-5 in the first and third rounds, respectively. 

“In the second round, I thought my partner, [doubles player Kylie Min], did really well and her serves were pretty nice. Sometimes our opponents weren’t able to return the ball, so we got the point,” doubles player sophomore Allison Lin said. “For that game, I thought it was pretty nice playing with a partner because it made me feel more secure. We need to work on making our serves more consistent and anticipating our opponent’s style so we know how to return their hits.” 

By Jacob Khuu, Manager
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez