Varsity Girls Tennis defeats Los Altos

Varsity girls tennis defeated Los Altos 17-1 in a home league game Tuesday, Oct. 1

The Mustangs began the first round with doubles players junior Kylie Min and senior Elaine Chen winning their set 6-3. Singles player senior McKenzie Mai also secured her first set, winning 6-0 granting the Mustangs a 6-0 lead in the first round. 

“We weren’t really stressed because we were playing Los Altos and we played them before, but we let them get the better of us because it was 5-0 and we couldn’t close it out. After losing 3 games in a row, we were able to get it back together and finish it,” Min said.

Using serves and successful forehands, singles player sophomore Felicia Ang finished her second set 6-1 along with doubles players sophomores Katherine Sutanjar and Renee Chang whom ended off the second set with 6-4. Mai was able to add to the score by winning the second and third sets 6-0 finishing out the second round at 12-0.

“In the second round, I would test out how my opponent would hit and figured out her weakness and used that against her to help me win. When I did this it would help me end the game much quicker and win. I did not want to make the same mistake. I understood the game more and was more aware of what was going on and [what I should try harder], ” Ang said.

During the third round, doubles players sophomore Allison Lin and junior Angela Shimabukuro lost their set 5-7. Ang along with doubles players Sutanjar and Chang finished their last sets 6-3, adding to Walnut’s score. 

“It was tense at first because we lost the first point to the other team, but then we got back on our feet and we were able to end the game with 6-3. The rallies and private lessons really warmed me up to finish the game,“ Sutanjar said.

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo by Daniela Marquez