Varsity girls tennis defeats Los Altos

Varsity girls tennis defeated Los Altos 16-2 in a home league game Tuesday, Oct. 9.

In the first round, singles player sophomore Julianna Vich beat her opponent 6-0 using a variety of forehand slices and crosscourt hits. Singles players juniors Vianna Sanapanya and Sara Majeed won their sets 6-0 to complete the first round 6-0.

“My game plan was to do my put-away [shot] whenever I had a chance and not to let my opponent score,” Vich said. “For most of the set, I was going with my instincts because I feel like I play best when I don’t get caught up with too many [tactics].”

After winning their first set 6-4, doubles players juniors Elaine Chen and Kelly Jensen lost 6-8 in their second set after missing serves and forehand shots from their opponents. Doubles players senior Priscilla Pranajasa and sophomore Kelsey Sarmiento and doubles players junior McKenzie Mai and sophomore Kylie Min beat their opponents 6-0.

“[My partner and I] tend to overthink the set and get nervous even though we know that we are capable of doing better,” Chen said. “Before the match, my partner and I talked to our teammates who played [our opponents] before, so we could see their weaknesses and know where to hit or where not to hit.”

In the third round, singles player senior Danae Lee beat her opponent 6-3 while Vich lost 3-5. Majeed also won 6-0 by utilizing her forehands and running shots.

“[During the set], I felt I could do better because [my opponent] hit back my shots more than I expected,” Majeed said. “I [responded to this] with a lot more shots down the line and crosscourt.”

By Kelvin Wong, Staff writer
Photo by Ian Lee