Varsity Girls Tennis defeats San Dimas

Senior Carina Young serves the ball to the other side of the court.

Varsity girls tennis defeated San Dimas 10-8 in their first preseason game Tuesday, Aug. 24. 

The Mustangs began their first match with singles player sophomore Kasandra Uy securing her set 6-0.  Doubles players senior Renee Chang and senior Katherine Sutandar followed, winning their set 6-4 using serves and alleys. 

“It feels good to start playing games again,” Uy said. “I love how I’m starting to play more games again because it’s getting me back in my rhythm. I feel like this is a great start and I have to keep preparing and staying focused to reach my goals.”

During the second round, singles player senior Felicia Ang won her set 6-2, followed by doubles players freshman Annabel D’Souza and freshman Abigail D’Souza, who also won their first match 6-2. 

“I’m proud of how we persisted even though there were times where we wanted to give up,” Chang said. “These are preseason games, so the point is to perfect our skills for the actual league matches. It’s really refreshing to be back.”

The Mustangs completed their final round with singles player sophomore Chloe Chow beating the Saints 6-1. Doubles players senior Carina Young and senior Ella Lin finalized Walnut’s score with a 7-5 win.

“There’s always a thrill to being on the courts, it’s a place we all call home,” Chang said. “It’s really exciting to be able to play matches and have everyone back together in a group again compared to last year with the pandemic.”

By Sophia Parungao, News editor
Photo by Mia Nam