Varsity girls’ tennis defeats St. Lucy’s

Varsity girls’ tennis defeated St. Lucy’s, 11-7, on Thursday, Sept. 17 at home, making its record 3-2.

“[At first] I was nervous because I thought I was going to fail. I didn’t have confidence in my hitting abilities and I was unsure of how good my opponent was,” singles player senior Emmaline Loo said.

Sophomores Sara Santos and Vivian Lee won the first match for the Mustangs, and doubles players junior Misa Smanpongse and senior Kalinda Kazemi followed by winning two match games, putting Walnut in the lead.

“When the match started, Misa and I had really low spirits because we had just lost in the previous round. Going into the game we were physically drained, but once we started winning and building our positivity, we pulled through and won our sets,” Kazemi said.

During single matches, head coach Lee Shiomoto subbed in inactive players to compete against the Regents. Out of six singles sets, the Mustangs won five.

As the game progressed, doubles teams seniors Jessica Pranajasa and Sylvia Cai, Yuan and Brittany Chiu, and junior Kalie Loc and senior Giselle Balanza collectively won one set for Walnut.

“I was more focused [while playing]. I was paired up with someone that I had lots of experience with, so we worked really well together. Sometimes we miscommunicated, but that was all right because we were both still positive toward each other and that’s what motivates both of us to not give up when we’re down,” Loc said.

The Mustangs will play an away game against Claremont on Friday, Sept. 18.

By Albert Law, Sports editor

Photo by Brandon Win