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Varsity Girls Tennis defeats West Covina

Varsity girls tennis defeated West Covina 14-4 on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The Mustangs began the first round with doubles players seniors Kelly Jensen and Elaine Chen winning their set 6-1. Singles player freshman Asia Kozan defeated her opponent with a combination of slices and strong forehands down the line, winning 6-0 and giving the Mustangs a 5-1 lead in the first round. 

“I had some pretty good shots throughout the game, but I didn’t do good on serves by hitting it out of the corners,” said Kozan. “In the beginning, I tried to put the ball into the corners but I was unable to because it got really hot and I was very tired during the first round.”

After winning her previous set 6-0, singles player junior Kelsey Sarmiento defeated her second round opponents 6-0 through volleys with forehands and backhands across the court. However, Jensen and Chen lost their set 3-6 after difficult shots and powerful serves to the corner from the Bulldogs.

“I played my opponent before so I knew what her skill level was and the weaknesses that she had,” said Sarmiento. “I took advantage by hitting it hard cross court or by lobbying the ball so that she [wouldn’t] return it back as easily.”

In the third round, singles players sophomore Allison Lin and Katherine Sutandar were able to beat their opponents individually 6-1 and 6-0, while singles player junior Angela Shimabukuro was defeated by her opponent 6-7 after a tiebreaker. Doubles players seniors Leanne Lim and Juliette Radwanski finished their final set 6-2, adding to Walnut’s overall score of 14-4. 

“We had strong volleys throughout the game so that helped us win a few points, and we stayed consistent in the back and tried to not miss any lob shots because those are the easiest to return,” Jensen said. “At the end of the game, I was kind of mad because that was a team that we really wanted to beat, and I knew that we could have done better.”

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo by Daniela Marquez

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