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Varsity girls tennis falls to Alta Loma

Varsity girls tennis lost to Alta Loma 8-10 in a home preseason game Thursday, Sept. 6.

In the first round, singles player junior Vianna Sanapanya out-rallied her opponent with low forehand and crosscourt hits, winning her set 6-2. Singles players sophomore Julianna Vich and freshman Vinnie Bautista each finished their sets 6-0, ending the first round 4-2.

“I was really focusing on consistency and going through my shots whenever I saw the opportunity,” Vich said. “I had to adjust [to] being ready for more shots because she returned a lot more shots than other players usually did.”

After winning their previous set 7-5, doubles players junior McKenzie Mai and sophomore Kylie Min defeated their second round opponents 6-2 with volleys, in addition to forehands and backhands down the alleys. However, doubles players senior Sunny Whang and junior Leanne Lim and senior Theresa Lin and junior Kelly Jensen lost both of their sets 2-6.

“I think I’ve improved a lot since the beginning of the year. I was able to focus on what was happening instead of freaking out about what was going to happen. I was staying focused on the point at hand instead of thinking about ‘What if I lose this game,’” Min said.

In the third round, varsity coach Lee Shiomoto substituted in singles players senior Priscilla Pranajasa and junior Kelsey Sarmiento, as well as doubles players junior Elaine Chen and senior Danae Lee and senior Kimberly Kao and junior Sara Majeed. Walnut lost the third round 1-5.

“During preseason, it feels like there is less pressure because I feel more comfortable,” Lim said. “I would say getting practice against the other teams that we play [is my favorite part of preseason]. It helps me better during league games because [by then,] I know that I can hit back their shots.”

The Mustangs’ next preseason game is against Diamond Bar Monday, Sept. 10 at home. Their first league game is against South Hills Tuesday, Sept. 18 at home.

“[Preseason and league are] not really different because we still play as a whole team, not individually,” Vich said. “We still support one another and hope to win.”

By Sarah Aie, Copy lead
Photo by Erin Tan