Varsity girls’ water polo defeats West Covina

Varsity girls’ water polo defeated West Covina 13-6, bringing its overall league score to 2-1, Thursday, Jan. 19, in a home game.

Walnut held its defense throughout the game with goalkeeper sophomore Roxanne Lindy and goalkeeper junior Tierra Iniguez limiting West Covina to one point in the first half. In the first quarter, Walnut led by three points with two goals from utility senior Erin De Anda and one goal by driver senior Lauren Carlton. During the second half of the game, West Covina scored three goals in the third quarter and two goals in the fourth quarter. However, it still managed to pull away with 13 goals overall.

“I felt good for the amount of time I was in the goal. I personally came out confident and ready to play,” Lindy said. “Our shooting was definitely off today. We need to get comfortable with shooting while [they] have another player, or multiple players, trying to get the ball away from [us] while [we] try to shoot. If we can accomplish that, I think we will do very well for the remainder of the season. Our defense was really good, [which] helps reduce the amount of goals the other team makes. I think that is the main reason they didn’t score so much.”

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer
Photo by Austin Lam