Varsity girls’ wrestling defeats Charter Oak

Varsity girls’ wrestling defeated Charter Oak 18-0 in an away game, Tuesday Jan. 31.

The Mustangs secured an early lead of six points during the opening match after freshman Angelique Cervantes pinned down her opponent in the first quarter. Sophomore Marcela Ramos and junior Alyssa Gomez both followed suit, each scoring another six points to end the game.

“I wasn’t nervous at the beginning of the match because I felt prepared, and I had a game plan,” Ramos said. “My plan was to have the inside tie and break her down. None of us really performed to our full potential so out of the three girls that wrestled, I know that we could have done way better than what we did. I could have worked my top-game stronger, and there were many instances for me to improve, but in the end, I’m proud that we won.”

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez

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