Varsity swim defeats Ayala

Swim competed against Ayala in its first season meet Thursday, March 2 at home. Walnut managed to defeat Ayala in all divisions, with varsity boys winning 128-42 and varsity girls winning 91-71.

Swimming in the 200 meter medley relay, 100 meter backstroke, 200 meter individual medley and 400 meter freestyle relay, senior Darren Ma helped his team overcome various absences from his team by placing first in three of his events.

“It was important that we win this meet without some of our top guys to show that our team has some depth. I wanted to push myself because I knew that in the back of my head,” Ma said. “Each meet has its own obstacles and today, it happened to be that some of our top swimmers were out because of a Brea meet and sickness. It’s good if we can have a solid team throughout varsity so that when things do happen, we’re still able to win.”

Sophomore Lindsey Chheng competed in three events, finishing with a time of 1:06 in the 100 meter freestyle, 1:11 in the 100 meter backstroke and 0:33 for backstroke in the 200 meter medley relay. The varsity girls placed first in seven out of eleven events, including two relays.

“I feel that I did all right at today’s meet, considering this is the first meet of the season. I was a second off from my best time today and I’m ready to set new records for myself throughout the season,” said Chheng. “I think our team did really well even with missing swimmers. We still have a strong team, and we have a lot of pride and spirit that bonds us together.”

By Brian Chen, Staff writer

Photo by Jamie Chen