Varsity Volleyball blanks West Covina

Varsity volleyball blanked West Covina, 3-0 and improved to 1-1 in league as visitors on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Outside hitter junior Jaceylin Tan led the Mustangs’ offense with eight spikes, two tips and two blocks. The Mustangs’ offense consisted of five tips and 19 spikes, countering West Covina’s offense by blocking seven shots.

“From this game I would just say that I am able to rely on my teammates because they did a very good job, even when I wasn’t doing too well. They were able to pick up where I was slacking. And everyone just stayed really positive,” libero senior Danielle Baca Diego said.

In the first set, outside hitter senior Shirley Zhao scored six times, leading the team in scoring for the set. Toward the end of the set, the Bulldogs failed to return serves and began turning the ball over, allowing the Mustangs to take the set, 25-7.

The Mustangs got off to an early 5-0 lead in the second set. By the middle of the set, the Bulldogs recovered lead, 9-11. However, the Mustangs followed with 13 consecutive points, bringing the score to 22-11 and eventually winning the set, 25-14.

“I think we just need to keep each other up because it’s really mental. We have the skills to win, but sometimes when we’re down on ourselves that just ruins the whole [game] for us,” defensive specialist senior Alexandria Lau said.

The Bulldogs came into the third set leading, 4-9. The Mustangs started to rally back by completing seven spikes, eventually tying the score at 11 apiece. Despite several turnovers, both teams struggled to take advantage of the mistakes during the last seven minutes with the score, 21-20. However, the Mustangs were able to secure the set, 25-21.

“[Winning felt] really good because, last year [West Covina] beat us one time, we kind of underestimated them. But this year we expected them to play hard, but we won easily. And so that really surprised us. But we’re happy about that because we just lost to Los Altos. Winning [this game] just brought us up,” Lau said.

By Casey Lee, Staff writer

Photo by Megan Wu