Varsity volleyball defeats Diamond Bar

Libero junior Angelina Rodriguez begins a play with a serve to Diamond Bar, defeating the Brahams 3-0. “When I dig or score, I think about making the best play I can to help my team out,” Rodriguez said.

Varsity volleyball defeated Diamond Bar 3-0 in a league home game Thursday, Sept. 23 bringing their league score to 3-1. 

The first set began with the Brahmas serving and outside hitter senior Sabrina Evangelista spiking to score the first point. Evangelista consecutively scored two more points, putting Walnut at an immediate lead 3-0. The set continued with successful rallies and multiple attacks from outside hitter senior Aubrey Tanner and middle hitter sophomore Daniela Luna. Tanner served an ace to secure the set 25-19. 

“The energy and everyone cheering today was great,” libero junior Angelina Rodriguez said. “There were a lot of good moments and digs, the entire game felt really amazing. Playing against Diamond Bar, our rivals, makes everything so much more exciting.”

Diamond Bar began the second set with a 2-0 lead, though Walnut matched their score with hits from Tanner and setter senior Eryn Castro immediately after. The Mustangs consistently lead with several spikes from Evangelista and Tanner, winning the set 25-16 after a failed serve from the Brahmas. 

“It feels amazing to score. I felt so relieved that I was able to help my team and the hitters get points.” Castro said. “There’s always room for improvement, but we had our spirits high today and did a really good job as a team.”

During the third set, Evangelista scored the first point after Diamond Bar’s serve. Rodriguez began multiple rallies with strong serves, though both teams held a close score for the remainder of the game. Following a 19-19 tie, the Mustangs regained their lead with multiple hits from middle hitter junior Emily Tzou. With a final spike, Evangelista secured the win 25-21.

“It’s always really positive and exciting when we win,” Rodriguez said. “We’re a family and we are always lifting each other up to celebrate everyone’s good moments. It’s so nice to be playing with everybody again, every game is like a team bonding experience.”

By Sophia Parungao, News Editor
Photo by Mia Nam