Varsity volleyball falls to Troy

Varsity volleyball lost to Troy 1-3 in a home preseason game Tuesday, August 20. 

By utilizing a 4-2 offense, in which setters junior Eliza Santos-Cristobal and sophomore Aubrey Tanner set the ball for outside hitter senior Amber Johnson, the Mustangs gained a 5-0 lead in the first set. However, the Warriors evened the score with aces and blocks. Despite consistent spikes and serves from Johnson, the Warriors won the set 20-25. 

“Even though there was a bunch of people in the crowd, we just tried to play our game and focus in on what we wanted to do,” Santos-Cristobal said. “We entered the set, knowing what we had to do, [which was] relax a little bit, run simple plays that would get us points and make sure our defense was ready. I think what we did well as a team was communicating through tough times and cheering as loud as we could whenever we made a point, even if we were tired.”

The Mustangs lost the second set 15-25 but won the third set 24-18 with kills and aces from Tanner and Johnson and dumps from libero senior Emily Chan. Although the Mustangs contested most of the Warriors’ points late in the fourth set, they lost the set 15-25 because of a 4-0 scoring run made by the Warriors. 

“We were playing against a tough team. I tried to confuse them by changing the speed and direction of my hits. In the second set, they were getting into our heads mentally, so we felt that we had to do better [in] the next set,” Johnson said. “We overcame this by shrugging everything that went wrong in the second set off and telling ourselves that we just needed to fix our mistakes.”

The Mustangs will have their next away preseason game against Sunny Hills Thursday, August 22. 

By Jacob Khuu, Manager
Photo by Issac Le