Varsity volleyball loses to Diamond Ranch

Varsity volleyball lost to Diamond Ranch 3-2, at an away game on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at Diamond Ranch High School.

The Mustangs started off well in the first two sets, led by outside hitter senior Jaceylin Tan, and ended the first set with a score of 25-18. Walnut began the second set in the lead, with a total of seven kills, three aces and a spike. However, the scores became closely matched due to a couple missed serves and spikes near the end of the second set, but Walnut still came out with the win with a score of 25-21.

“The first two sets were really good,” right side hitter sophomore Hana Abdullah said. “I was really excited the first two sets. I kept thinking, ‘We can win this, we can win it all together because we’re really good [and] talented as a team.’ Our strength is that we get really excited and we get pumped for the games.”

During the third set, Mustangs began falling behind.They were unable to connect on multiple instances as a result of lack of communication. After a wipe scored by middle blocker junior Aya Al Juraishi, the Mustangs were unable to score as Diamond Ranch gained an 11 point lead along with two aces, a tip and a kill. The set ended 9-25 with a un-returned spike from Diamond Ranch.

“[Our offense is] off and on sometimes. Sometimes we do really well and other times we don’t really communicate that much,” middle blocker junior Savannah Handy said. “It’s the same for defense. We couldn’t really connect.”

Walnut and Diamond Bar rallied back and forth in the fourth set, which resulted in Diamond Ranch scoring a total of three points. Diamond Ranch was able to block a spike to end the first rally scoring their first point. In the other two rallies, Walnut was unable to return the ball, and Diamond Ranch was able to score two more points. The fifth and final set was closely tied, but Diamond Ranch gained a lead by scoring three spikes and a block, ending the game with a score of 9-15.

“We lost confidence after we lost and we couldn’t get it back. I think our weakness was [not] staying strong throughout the entire game, [not] keeping up that confidence and [not] talking to each other. We [didn’t] talk to each other. We didn’t have good communication,” Abdullah said. “[We were lacking] teamwork, just really getting up together, helping each other out [and] cheering each other on.”

By Erica Chang, Staff writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez

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