Volleyball wins first preseason game against Northview

After losing the first set, varsity volleyball made a comeback to defeat Northview 3-1 in its first preseason game at home Thursday, Sept. 10.

“It felt good to win this game because we came in knowing that we wanted to play hard and strong. Northview was a team we never played against and we wanted to start off strong,” right hitter senior Lauren Quinonez said.

Throughout the first set, both teams constantly scored point for point without letting up. After tying at 24-24, Northview scored the final two points to win the set.

“We knew we could’ve beat Northview [in the first set] and gotten an easy win. We have better passers that we can really rely on and it was our home game. We just needed to get our minds into the game and communicate,” Quinonez said.

During the second set of the game, the Mustangs started their winning streak. Libero senior Danielle Baca and outside hitter senior Shirley Zhao scored the majority of the points while working with the team to make plays.

As the Mustangs kept their offense rolling in the third set, the team also kept its defense in play. Middle freshman Aya Al-Jurashi and Quinonez blocked the Vikings’ shot, allowing Baca to receive the ball and convert it to Zhao and outside freshman Janelle Currier, who was shooting and tipping.

“I was frustrated that we lost the first set but I just kept thinking of happy thoughts and to do better than the last set,” Currier said. “Going into the second set, we had more communication on our defense and closing our gaps between our passes.”

The Mustangs prevented Northview from scoring more than 15 points in both the third and fourth sets. On defense, Currier made dives to save the ball, and Baca assisted Al-Jurashi in covering the middle.

“This was like a wake up call that we really needed to step up our game and change the stupid mistakes we were making,” Al-Jurashi said. “In order to do so, we need to practice our techniques and make sure we have no missed serves.”

The Mustangs will play an away game against Bonita on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

By Albert Law, Sports editor

Photo by Sajid Iqbal