Photo by Belle Sun
Photo by Belle Sun

Due to aesthetic problems found in the Ken Gunn stadium football field, the school has decided to replace the field in a renovation that started in late February and finished in the middle of March.

The old field originally had problems with ultraviolet rays and grass ends fraying, issues that were also found in other schools around the area, including Diamond Bar and West Covina. Field Turf, the company that installed the field, attempted to solve the problems by using a chemical reactant, but the chemical discolored the field instead. The field is currently being reinstalled at no cost to the district.

“We went back to the company and told them, ‘This is not acceptable because now our field is discolored, and so Diamond Bar and us, through the district, worked to get the warranty taken care of,” Athletic Director Jerry Person said.

The timing of the renovation is a significant inconvenience for the track and field team, which has missed two home meets as a result of the construction. Instead of being able to use the track, athletes who compete in sprint and distance events have to use Suzanne Park for the time being.

“We have to go to Suzanne Park and try and run the equivalent of interval work on dirt trails and lots of turns, but you can’t get pacing and you need the track to get pacing down. You also need to have the track because of relays,” distance coach Jim Polite said.

Though the sprints and distance runners have been displaced as a result of the construction, the jumps and throws teams have not been affected, as their facilities and practice areas do not require the entire track.

“We still have our practice pit and stuff, but it’s affecting more of sprinters because sometimes it blocks off their sprinting space and the pole vaulters because the pole vaulters have to make up their own new runway, like the portable one, so they can’t use the one that’s stuck to the field,” jumps captain senior Alex Lin said.

By Nathan Au-Yeung, News editor



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