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Winning is just that easy

“All streaks are meant to be broken” — most would say.

For the swimming team, that’s not the case.

Starting its streak since 2000, swim has remained league champions for 15 consecutive years.

“Well our team has been strong in league since 2000 and we continued to be strong since then. We maintained it by having motivation to keep our streak.” Alex Noeh said. “Our strength as a team is that we are very motivated and we will swim as fast as possible and the fact that we want to get best times and win the meet.”

The string of countless victories was started by former swim coach Lani Ruh and as time continued on, so did the team’s victories.

Back then, many of the swimmers first started in club teams where they were recommended to join the swim team and once the swimmers joined, the team’s dynamic changed as the swimmers were the fastest within the league.

“It takes a lot of pushing each other because a lot of the swimmers that swim in club recommended the high school students to think about joining so after they joined, the team as a whole, got better. That was able to help them out a lot and after each generation, more and more people started joining club and it’s how we kept the streak going,” senior Sarah Le said.

Throughout the years, the team has changed its style of swimming little by little to be able to adapt to the new swim techniques. Despite the adaptations, the team is able to maintain the league champions title.

“Knowing how to adapt is important such as with technology so I can use technology more for swimmer communication. Now of course, with facebook and social media, we have a facebook page which, 15 years ago, we never had because there was no such thing. So, we try to change with the technology to try to keep close. I get a lot of swimmer feedback so I know what they want and it kind of helps to improve the program if I know that they’re happy with it.” head coach Gautreau said.

This year, the team tried many different approaches toward improving its techniques and endurance. During practice, each swimmer swims around 7,000-8,000 yards a day while the coach improves their technical techniques. At times, swimmers compete within the team which motivates them to improve and progress.

“We have a great intersquad meet where our swimmers divide up into three separate teams, and we swim against each other. We have themes like last year, we had a superhero theme. This year, we had a Harry Potter theme. It was Gryffindor versus Slytherin versus Ravenclaw. They would kind of trash talk each other, but it’s also a fundraiser for us too. We make donations to the team,” Gautreau said.

Now, the team is preparing for CIF Individuals as over half of the varsity team are going to compete during preliminaries on Wednesday, May 13.

“It’s just an amazing group of kids. It’s a lot of fun to coach a group that really wants to do well, wants to excel, and is so motivated to get in everyday, and proves it everyday. we were undefeated league champs again, and we’ve been league champs for a long time. It’s a great tradition, so I’m humbled,” coach Gautreau said.

By Eric Peng, Staff writer

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