Stagecraft prepares for fall play “Clue”

Hailey Siu, Staff writer

Stagecraft students are making props for the fall play, “Clue,” which will take place from Thursday, Oct. 20 to Saturday, Oct. 22.

The class is designing lighting and creating backdrops to mimic the setting of the play. They are building rooms, such as a library, dining room and kitchen to replicate the setting: a mansion.

Since the first week of school, stagecraft students have started putting the props together. However, new students were given a short amount of time to learn how to work with equipment.

“The first week, [seniors] were showing us how to safely use the tool and [equipment], but it’s still startling every time we use the drill because it’s [unexpected],” lighting technician freshman Georgia Colera said. “The entire [class] is a learning curve. There is so much stuff that you just don’t know.”

Stagecraft seniors were able to help the new students adjust to the processes. They helped the newcomers do their part in the preparation. 

“[We were] showing them right from wrong, showing them a faster and easier way to do things,” stage manager senior Annaliese Busch said. “A lot of people are too scared to ask questions, so I [watch] and [see] who I think would need the help and who I think would excel.”

Some students had already bonded in previous years through spending time together in class and during activities like fundraisers. Still, the new students were still able to fit right in, becoming part of the connected group of stagecraft students.

“[Our relationship] automatically makes working 10 times easier, 10 times better. When you share the same ideas and the same mindset, it makes collaborating a whole lot easier, especially when [we] are able to communicate well with each other,” Busch said.