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Clubs create 9/11 flag display

Students from Key Club, National Honor Society, United Med, United Nations Children’s Fund and Walnut Politics Club placed small American..


Podcast: Competition

Nicole Chiang: Hi. My name is Nicole. Sarah Lew: I’m Sarah. Angela Cao: I’m Angela. Chiang: And today we’re going..


Farming for almonds

Farming for almonds

Walking through the almond orchard, she checks the trees for any sign of almonds. Upon sighting a clump of almonds,..



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Marching to a new beat

Marching to a new beat

Rhythm is defined as a harmonious sequence or correlation of elements. As high school marching band students, Orlando Cazares and..
College Board controversy

College Board controversy

College Board — the seemingly infallible, distinguished organization that lies at the foundation of high school education and college preparation...