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Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789

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Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789

the hoofprint

Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789

Christopher Peck, middle left, visited English teacher Kenny Parks, middle right, classroom to teach the class about himself. I love being able to proudly talk about my grandfather, especially to classes reading To Kill A Mockingbird, Peck said.
Family member of "To Kill a Mockingbird" actor visits English classroom
Christopher Peck, the grandson of actor Gregory Peck who played Atticus Finch, discussed about the book and his life.
Leon Lee, Staff writer • May 12, 2024

Christopher Peck, whose grandfather Gregory Peck played Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” visited English teacher Kenny Park and his students to talk about himself and the book. Park’s freshmen students have been reading “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Having just finished the book,  Park wanted his good friend Peck to come and teach the students what his life is like being the grandson of a large celebrity. “I learned that [Peck] is an assistant principal and he likes to educate and connect with others,” freshman Andy Triamarid said. “I think it’s cool how [Peck] is friends...

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Junior Alena Herrera (left) and sophomore Carla Alvarez (right) use ChatGPT to brainstorm activites to do with their friends over the weekend.  “I feel like [using AI in class] is cheating because you are not getting information that you’ve learned and knowledge you [received] from class,” Herrera said.
Artificial intelligence (AI) prompts change
Scott Chen, News editor • May 6, 2024

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) softwares such as ChatGPT has prompted administration and teachers to revise their policies.  According...

Energy drinks among students becomes a trend
Energy drinks among students becomes a trend
Leon Lee, Staff writer • May 3, 2024

Many students have started to rely on energy drinks to make it through their day in order to make up for a lack of energy. Energy drinks contain...

Minimum wage increase raises new concerns
Minimum wage increase raises new concerns
Lydia Chen, Staff writer • April 26, 2024

In April 2024, Governor Newsom signed a bill that raised the minimum wage for all California fast food restaurant and healthcare employees from...

Daily Waste | Junior Cetrine Deng eats daily school lunch but often throws away the provided snack bags. A lot of food is wasted because the school food may not be what students envision for a good lunch
Federal regulations cause excessive food waste
Lydia Chen, News editor • March 25, 2024

In the past few years, school food waste has grown to an alarming level due to issues with student preference and federal regulations. According...

The formation of the CAAP sparks new opportunities for families
The formation of the CAAP sparks new opportunities for families
Lydia Chen, News Editor • February 26, 2024

The Council of African American Parents, the newest addition to Walnut’s Parent Association, was introduced on Jan. 24, featuring a parent...

Students gather behind English teacher Lisa Donee (center) to acknowledge her influence as their teacher. Retiring this year, Donee has impacted generations of students. From alumni like chemistry teacher Garrett Lim (center right) to his son, freshman Lucas Lim (far right), and siblings or parents of current students, she will be missed by many people at Walnut High School.
English teacher Lisa Donee is many things but done
After years of teaching, Donee retires from her role as a teacher to continue prior passion projects and interests in different fields of study.
Rylyn Wang, Feature editor • May 6, 2024

The WHS band is playing their rendition of the “Sons of Westwood” fight song and the Associated Student Body is welcoming new freshmen with glee. Teachers are catching up with colleagues and students are rushing to class. It’s a typical first day of school, beginning the 2024-25 school year, but there is a distinct lack of Hello Kitty in room B2. With the retirement of English teacher Lisa Donee, her Hello Kitty decor finds its way back to her house and away from the school after 33 years. A veteran in the teaching career with 35 years under her belt, Donee is retiring from her position...

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Students works for the project are displayed on a cabinet in Turner-Gibbs room.
Projects reflect German culture
Sunny Zhang, Staff writer • May 3, 2024

Learning a new language does not encompass just learning the language itself, but also the culture in which the language takes place.  The...

Sophomore Faith Bosanko takes a photo with her sister.
A story passed down through sisters
Elise Chen, Feature editor • May 3, 2024

Three years ago, sophomore Faith Bosanko picked up the pen because of her admiration for her older sister, Alyssa, and in that time, creative...

Sophomore Jack Li places at the U.S. Open in the Ontario Convention Center.
Li tables the competition
Timmothy Chen, Staff writer • April 26, 2024

With his mental toughness and determination, sophomore Jack Li prevails at table tennis as he continues to utilize his quick speed and strong...

Sophomore Arvin Chau prepares to grab a video shot of life on campus. “A lot of these moments are unpredictable and it’s always a hit or miss. Once you miss it, it’s gone, so I just free style it,” Chau said. “The more you film, the more you understand your style and know what shots you like to get.”
Campus life rolls out in videography
Jocelyn Chen, Feature editor • March 25, 2024

Whether it be at spirited pep rallies, intense sports games or other lively events on campus, sophomore Arvin Chau can often be found behind...

Just plane fun
Just plane fun
Cathy Li, Staff writer • March 25, 2024

Sophomore Joshua Uy and his lion costume after performing at the Asian American Expo.
Dancing to the beat of Chinese tradition
Kaelin David, Staff writer • March 13, 2024

A flurry of red and gold flash through the room, splotches of vibrant colors uniting into an elaborate lion costume. Underneath the mesmerizing...

Students play Brawl Stars during class, hindering student focus on the subject.
Brawl Stars' popularity and its return to classrooms
Recent updates to the popular mobile game have resulted in a resurgence in its presence on campus.
Lucas Lim, Staff writer • May 13, 2024

If you walk around campus during lunch, you can see horizontal phones everywhere you look as students of all ages and friend groups collectively play Brawl Stars.  Brawl Stars is a game that either haunts or brings joy to many. The game has been a titan in the mobile game genre since its release back in 2017 and remains popular among students and adults alike.  The highly addictive gameplay features various game modes and a variety of different “brawlers'' to collect. The recently released update features new abilities in the form of mutations given to brawlers through a gacha system....

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The first album cover features both artists, Future and Metro Boomin’ in black suits as they stand in the desert at nightfall. “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” is the first time that the two have worked with each other. The cover was teased three days before the release of the album on March 19, 2024.
Future and Metro Boomin’ reduce hope for a hyped-up album
Lucas Lim, Staff writer • May 6, 2024

Well-renowned hip-hop producer Metro Boomin’ and chart-topping hip-hop artist, Future have collaborated to release two albums, “WE DON’T...

The ceviche mixto is a blend of white fish, shrimp and squid harmoniously cooked with the acid from a lemon. The dish also features a slice of sweet potato, a side of sweet corn and peanuts.
Higo Peru makes for an all-thyme favorite restaurant
Taryn Schilz, Staff writer • May 6, 2024

I never thought that I would find myself drinking purple sweet corn, instead of eating it, and craving for more. However, chica morada is just...

Taylor Swifts album cover for The Tortured Poets Department features her laying down across a couch.
"The Tortured Poets Department" forms relatability through pain and emotion
Ava Kaleah David, Staff writer • May 3, 2024

Popstar and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated 11th studio album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ on April 19. The...

Featured below is the garlic bossam, containing pieces of tender pork doused in a savory garlic sauce.
Sosom Ramen-bering the best flavors
Lucas Lim, Staff writer • April 26, 2024

From the friendly staff to the bold flavors, Sosom by Mister Bossam located at 18162 Colima Road, Rowland Heights offers ramen, pork belly and...

Issue 5 Newspaper Distribution!
Issue 5 Newspaper Distribution!
Hot off the press! Go pick it up at D1!
Issue 6 Editorial: The Hoofprint's AI policy
Head Ed Board May 6, 2024

In a time when student usage of generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots such as ChatGPT is raising concerns about plagiarism and academic...

Freshmen staffers Taryn Schilz (left) and Lydia Wang (right) look through past newspapers to get inspiration for their stories.  “Being in youth journalism, you’re able to feel more connected to other students in different extracurriculars,” Schilz said.
A call to support youth journalism
High school publications are an integral part of training and creating the future of journalists to investigate and report the truth to their local communities and beyond.
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • May 6, 2024

My high school journalism career began quite belatedly after a hasty decision to drop an extra science elective in junior year.  With high...

From the other side: Hoofprint seniors reflect on the college application process
From the other side: Hoofprint seniors reflect on the college application process
With the conclusion of the 2023-24 college application cycle, senior staff members at The Hoofprint offer their insight on how they managed the process through the ups and downs of submitting applications and receiving their decisions.
Hoofprint Seniors 2024 May 6, 2024

Marissa Alejo, Copy and Coverage editor-in-chief After 12 years of dreaming of UC Berkeley, it was a tough moment to see a rejection letter....

Photo source: Unsplash
Google's response to the California Journalism Preservation Act threatens local news outlets
Google's recent actions jeopardize the funding that sustains California journalism organizations.
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • May 3, 2024

Google claims that its mission is, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” However, as of...

Soaring college tuitions are barring students from higher education
Soaring college tuitions are barring students from higher education
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • April 26, 2024

With the conclusion of the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, seniors across the country have finally received their highly anticipated college decisions...

Issue 5 Editorial: Online sports gambling dangers adolescents
Head Editorial Board March 25, 2024

Although the legal age to gamble in the United States is either 18 or 21, teenagers are finding ways to gamble on online apps and websites. The...

Growing trend of lying teens invade media
Growing trend of lying teens invade media
Scott Chen, Print editor-in-chief • March 25, 2024

A 10-year-old who is ready to join Generation Z’s typical social media journey downloads Instagram. The app asks them if they are 13 or older...

Junior David Kang asks anonymous users for advice while ignoring messages from family members. “I feel more comfortable talking to the Internet because no one knows who I am,” Kang said. “My parents put too much pressure on me, so it’s nice to be able to talk without anything expected from me.”
Internet redefines the role of parental guidance online
Sofia Majeed, Staff writer • March 25, 2024

Social media has, to no one’s surprise, become more and more influential in everyday life. The demographic most affected by this is teenagers...

Whats where in Walnut?
What's where in Walnut?
David Kang, Online editor-in-chief and In-depth editor • May 6, 2024

Mustang Holidays
Mustang Holidays
December 6, 2023
Food for thought
Food for thought
November 6, 2023
Dance team emerges victorious, finishing 1st place and landing the trophy for the small lyrical dance category.
Dance Team comes home with national title
Walnut places first in the small lyrical dance category at the annual Dance Team Union national competition.
Kaelin David, Staff writer • February 26, 2024

Dance Team spun their way to the top in the small lyrical dance category during the annual Dance Team Union national competition, hosted at the...

Freshman Melanie Lopez plays the French Horn at the annual Movie Musicals concert.
Orchestra performs in annual Movie Musicals concert
The Mustang orchestras presents works from “LaLa Land,” “Wicked,” “My Fair Lady,” “High School Musical,” “Evita” and “Phantom of the Opera.”
Sofia Majeed, Staff writer • February 26, 2024

Concert and Symphonic Orchestra held their annual Movie Musical concert in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) Thursday Feb.15. The concert featured...

Chamber singer junior Braeden Allen Fontejon performs fun. Medley from The Sing Off with other chamber singers. [Open House] was really fun! I’m glad I was able to help with showing incoming eighth graders what choir and the school has to offer, Fontejon said.
Audiences captivated by performances at Open House
Choir, Drama, Band and Dance Team showcased their organizations to incoming students and parents.
Ava Kaleah David, Staff writer • February 13, 2024

As future Mustangs stepped on Walnut’s campus to attend the Open House Showcase Night, they were welcomed by the performances from Choir, Drama,...

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