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Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789

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Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789

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Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789

Operations manager Conchita Cawley evaluates blueprints for the renovated library. “ This is a great opportunity to get us up to date with technology and provide a better space for students and staff,” Cawley said. “It will create a safe spot for students to use and provide more opportunities for learning.
Campus renovation brings change
New gymnasium and library identified as important need for students and staff.
Scott Chen, News editor and Advertising • December 6, 2023

Educational specialist Evelyn Torres can now  teach her students vocational skills such as washing dishes or preparing food with a newly installed sink. With multiple ongoing and future projects involving new and renovated facilities, these changes bring many benefits to our campus. The library renovation will also bring the college and career center into the building, providing students easier access to academic and career development.  Before such changes occur, the district must first assess what are the most important needs for the school and it also must be approved by voters in Walnut...

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Governor Gavin Newsom signs social media bill
Governor Gavin Newsom signs social media bill
Lydia Chen, Staff writer • November 28, 2023

On Oct. 13, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 873, a bill that requires all California schools to educate students of every grade level...

Junior Anson Lin teaches students how to build and program computer software and robots.
FTC Voltech holds robotics course for middle school students
Timmothy Chen, Staff writer • November 14, 2023

FTC Voltech led a robotics workshop course for students at Suzanne and South Pointe Middle School.  The workshop took place over eight weeks...

Principal Ryan Maine and Instructional Dean Marta Dibell organize the budget for the school’s expenses. “There are competing interests and limited resources, so we are making sure that our teachers are getting what they need,” Maine said. “At times, we have to get creative with how we can support teachers and work with them to be fiscally responsible.”
Proper fund allocation vital for success
Scott Chen, News editor and Advertising • November 7, 2023

At the start of each school year, teachers are provided $25 or $30 for each class for classroom supplies, yet 88% of teachers have paid for classroom...

Junior Ethan Zheng presents a check of one mollion dollars to chemistry teacher Garrett Lim.
AP Chemistry celebrates Mole Day
Timmothy Chen, Staff writer • October 30, 2023

On Mole Day, chemistry teacher Garrett Lim's AP class engaged in an extra credit assignment to showcase their creativity. Moles are a basic...

Students walk out of the E/F gate.
Declining enrollment decreases school funding
Lydia Chen, Staff writer • October 23, 2023

Though WHS has seen a 22% decrease in student enrollment since 2014-15, the decline in enrollment has steadily plateaued in the last two years.  The...

A restored image of renewed intent with Ron Hockwalt Academies
Elise Chen and Rylyn Wang December 6, 2023

Dragging their finger over the touchpad, graphic designers from zero period Advanced Graphic Design finalize an ad using Adobe Illustrator’s pen function. The students first began working on Ron Hockwalt Academies’ (RHA) project when WVUSD’s Educational Technology Specialist Kevin Wendland introduced the idea. The project ended up being their end-of-semester project.  RHA, a continuation high school within Walnut Valley Unified School District, used to be a school that helped students with disciplinary problems, but over time, their focus shifted to students who were falling behind and...

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Senior Mary Wang and junior Joshua Husain discuss their design for the new pamphlets for the Ron Hockwalt Academies. “I was kind of frustrated because during this time, we had a lot of ideas that were clashing with each other,” Husain said.
Students challenge age-old assumptions
Cathy Li, Print editor-in-chief • December 6, 2023

With the eagle as its mascot, Ron Hockwalt Academies (RHA) is all about honesty, strength and courage. The students of Karen Alorro’s Advanced...

Freshman Trevis Zhang practices his lines for his acting classes. “For any script, I try to imagine it in real
life. I try to grasp at the emotions and walk in the person’s shoes to fully embrace the character,” Zhang said. “Also, I try to look for patterns to help memorize it. I like to memorize it by dividing up the script.”
A magical experience with "Magic Kingdom"
Taryn Schilz, Staff writer • December 6, 2023

Cameras and flashing lights zoom in on actor freshman Trevis Zhang. Ignoring the hammering in his chest and coursing adrenaline, Zhang recites...

Freshman Maximus Ngo fences against his opponent in a competition.
Ngo fences his way to victory
Lydia Chen, Staff writer • November 28, 2023

With his calm and composed demeanor, freshman Maximus Ngo dominates the fencing piste (playing area), climbing his way up national ranks with...

Sophomore Keneh Ejike records his most recent piece in his room. “Music allowed me to find where I fit in, Ejike said.
K’nae crafts original soundscapes in melodic rap songs
Jocelyn Chen, Staff writer • November 6, 2023

Nodding his head to the beat and scribbling down lyrics is when sophomore Keneh Ejike feels most like himself: as rapper and music artist K’nae.  Ejike’s...

Junior Ibi Hajar performs some vocal warmups before recording a song. “Either I hear a beat and I really love it so I start recording a melody right away or I write the lyrics first and make a beat to fit,” Hajar said.
$KIBI hits high notes with hip hop tracks
Jocelyn Chen, Staff writer • November 6, 2023

The words “S-K-I-B-I, let it ring inside your head” ring true for junior Ibi Hajar, not only encapsulating the lyrics of his most popular...

From left to right, freshman Ariana Fuentes, senior Tylee Chan and junior Jakobi Chan share their original impressions of each other after getting to know one another.
Tiny Humanz spins records with DJ-ing
Elise Chen, Feature editor • November 6, 2023

As the turntable whirs to life, senior Tylee Chan, junior Jakobi Chan and freshman Ariana Fuentes take the stage. Under deft hands, a myriad...

Seasonal delights that are sure to spread festive spirit with flavor
Seasonal delights that are sure to spread festive spirit with flavor
Members of The Hoofprint staff get a taste of holiday exclusives offered, perfect for whenever you're ready to get a taste of the season
Brandon Du , Marissa Alejo, and Sunny Zhang December 7, 2023

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Themed menus push forward holiday-exclusive treats
Brandon Du, Scene editor • December 6, 2023

Ingredients like cinnamon, pumpkin, peppermint, gingerbread or even s’mores, always make their way into our everyday food during the autumn...

The braised beef and tendon noodle soup contains chewy noodles with a refreshing side of pickled vegetables. The two paired well together and balanced the saltiness of the beef and broth.
Mr. Dragon Noodle House savors authentic Chinese cuisine
Jocelyn Chen, Staff writer • December 6, 2023

On a cold, chilly evening, a hot bowl of noodle soup is exactly what someone needs to warm them up. If you ever feel in need of a nice meal with...

Featured above is the promotional campaign poster for Persona 5 Tactica’s release containing the playable characters.
Persona 5 Tactica revolutionizes an emotional experience
Brandon Du, Scene editor • December 6, 2023

SEGA: A prominent publisher whose name you’ve likely seen before. In cooperation with Atlus, they’ve recently released a spinoff game for...

The Marvels makes a saddening marvel of the franchise
"The Marvels" makes a saddening marvel of the franchise
Timmothy Chen, Staff writer • November 22, 2023

“The Marvels” directed by Nia DaCosta, is a sequel to “Captain Marvel,” and was released on Nov. 10. Heading into the movie, I was excited...

Fortnite regains traction with nostalgic update
Fortnite regains traction with nostalgic update
Lucas Lim, Staff writer • November 14, 2023

“Where are we droppin’ boys?” A nostalgic phrase in our childhood throughout elementary and middle school that was used when we would kick...

Issue 3 Newspaper Distribution!
Issue 3 Newspaper Distribution!
Hot of the press! Go pick it up at D1!
Dwindling energy | Senior Mason Medina begins to doze off during his civics course. “I definitely feel the low senior energy. I feel
like we didn’t have a full high school experience because we came from a fully virtual freshman year, but I think seniors should start
participating more on campus just to make the most of our last year in high school,” Medina said.
What wrong with the Class of 2024?
With senioritis setting in, seniors reflect on the reasons behind their general lack of spirit and participation in campus events, organizations and sports.
Sofia Majeed, Manager • December 6, 2023

Is it the virtual freshmen year? The long-term effects of distance learning? Is it the lack of senior merchandise, or any year's merchandise...

Working it out | Math teacher Andrew Chen guides junior Maia Nguyen through a homework problem during tutorial. Nguyen has been
under Chen’s instruction for both freshman and junior years. “Having the same teacher for multiple years is beneficial as it allows you to
have a more comfortable relationship with them, enabling a better learning experience,” Nguyen said.
The benefits of students and teachers progressing together
A new study from North Carolina economists discovered that students perform better when continuing instruction with the same teacher for at least two grades, encouraging “looping” systems in academic instruction to allow students and educators to grow together.
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • December 6, 2023

Since 2000, 15-year-old students across the globe have taken the Program for International Student Assessment, a standardized exam that tests...

Issue 3 Editorial: Make college applications affordable
Head Editorial Board December 6, 2023

California’s public university system is widely regarded as one of the best in the country, but even getting a chance at entrance comes at...

Photo source: Unsplash
Schools must facilitate open dialogues for students amid Israel-Hamas war
A student suspension in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District over comments of freeing Palestine reveals the need for administrators to foster a safe environment for civil discussion.
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • November 22, 2023

This past week, a student in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District was suspended for voicing “Free Palestine,” to another student.  The...

AI regulation needs a balanced approach
AI regulation needs a balanced approach
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • November 14, 2023

On Oct. 30, President Joe Biden issued a far-reaching executive order seeking to limit the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).  The...

Issue 2 Editorial: Social media demands responsible discourse
Head Editorial Board November 7, 2023

After Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7, killing more than 1,400 people, social media has been flooded with information about the...

Catching up | Senior Matthew Velasco spends his free period at the school library to finish up homework and take some time to relax. “It’s just a good time to catch up on stuff in a nice and quiet environment,” Velasco said.
Libraries are here to stay as gathering places for students
Kaelin David, Opinion editor • November 7, 2023

The crisp smell of fresh pages and a line of book spines neatly arranged against rows upon rows of shelves are what come to mind when I think...

The U.S. governments failure in the Israeli occupation of Palestine
The U.S. government's failure in the Israeli occupation of Palestine
Sofia Majeed, Manager • October 30, 2023

Biden is failing American-Palestinians and United States citizens. The government’s inability to support Americans in Palestine and Muslims...

Mustang Holidays
Mustang Holidays
David Kang, Online editor-in-chief and In-depth editor • December 6, 2023

Food for thought
Food for thought
November 6, 2023
Senior Calvin Chen performs a solo to a small crowd in a classroom.
A rise to Chamber Choir excellence
Explore Calvin Chen's journey through tangible and vocal music.
Lydia Chen, Staff writer • October 17, 2023

As a chorus of harmonious voices echo off the classroom walls, senior Calvin Chen sings along with the other students in Chamber Choir.  Chen...

(From left to right) Drum majors Lucas Eibert, Markus Truong, Kenia Hernandez and Jaden Diep prepare to march in the first home football game.
Marching Band introduces this year's new drum majors
Experience the unveiling of the Blue Thunder Marching Band's drum majors.
Leon Lee, Staff writer • October 10, 2023

The head drum major senior Markus Truong alongside assistant drum majors senior Kenia Hernandez and juniors Jaden Diep and Lucas Eibert represent...

Junior Melody Wang practices a new choreography for upcoming performances with Color Guard. I feel excited to learn [because] it’s fun to [practice] for our show [using] the new choreography,” Wang said.
Color Guard sharpens their skills
Discover the unappreciated art behind every toss, turn and catch involved in their 2023 field show.
Marissa Alejo, Copy and Coverage editor-in-chief • September 25, 2023

Behind the wave of colorful flags are Color Guard performers who share the same goal: to put on the best show possible. Color Guard does a large...

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Walnut High School | 400 Pierre Rd. Walnut, Calif. 91789