Administration punishes drug use


Photo by Stephanie Cheng

Ryan Huang, News editor

With nationwide school drug cases on the rise, the administration is implementing new policies to promote a drug-free campus. This year, besides just receiving a five-day suspension, students in possession of illegal drugs will also partake in a re-entry meeting and Healthy Futures sessions. Healthy Futures is an eight session small group hosted by grade level coordinator (GLC) Viviana Hoyos that educates students on the effects of drugs. 

“Since most students who are dabbling in any sort of substance abuse have an underlying reason,  our goal is to try to identify that reason, which takes time,” Assistant Principal Andrea Poma said. “When students attend the re-entry meeting and the Healthy Futures session,

We really to try to get to the root of the of the issue,

. By educating them, students can heal, better themselves and become more productive citizens within our Mustang culture.”