Dance ensemble and advanced dance hold Annual Winter Wishes Dance Production

Ryan Lam, Staff writer

The advanced dance and dance team performed their annual Winter Wishes Dance Production in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) Thursday, Nov. 17 to Friday, Nov. 18, from 7-8 p.m.  

During the production, dancers performed their large jazz competition routine of “Passion,” choreographed by coaches Audrey Wang and Florrie Ku and their curtain call of “Finale,” choreographed by the entire dance department. Also, the dance team displayed their kick, lyrical and contemporary competition pieces.

“I felt eager and motivated to dance with the team since we had been working on these dances for so long, and performing alongside my closest friends was super fun and enjoyable,” dance team dancer sophomore Callie Chen said. “Our hard work paid off, as it was very rewarding and exciting to finally showcase our coordination together.”

Leading up to the production, new dancers slowly found their dynamic with the team. Over a few months, the dance team involved themselves in team bonding activities, such as a pumpkin patch outing and team dinners. 

“I honestly felt really nervous backstage, but as I started dancing, my anxiety disappeared and the performance went by so fast,” dancer ensemble freshman Savannah Huang said. “As a team, it was very exciting to finally showcase all the dances and hard work we have put into our performances.” 

The dance department began practicing various compositions and rehearsals in late May. Guest choreographers also helped the dancers perfect their routines. The dance department worked closely with the lighting and stage crew to choreograph the production scene. 

“I am quite happy with the performance [our team] gave. We performed to the best of our ability and had a lot of fun with it,” dance ensemble captain senior Alyssa Lopez said. “As [this was] my final Winter Wishes, I could not have asked for anything better. The production was emotional and just very genuine to me.”