Minecraft: an action packed trip down memory lane


Ryan Lam, Staff Writer

He adjusts his blue Kotion Each gaming headset as it starts to move down his head before he launches Minecraft. The sound of monsters, explosions and screams in front of him begins to die down as he laughs in triumph.

Modified [Modded] Minecraft derives from the classic Minecraft Survival Mode, in which players can collect resources and interact with non-playable characters (NPC) such as zombies and villagers. Junior Nathan To has taken part in testing modifications (mods) ranging from “Attack of the B-Team” to “The Aether,” playing beyond the game’s fundamentals of surviving and exploring biomes.

“Expanding past generic Minecraft opens up my creativity and allows me to feel totally immersed in the concept of a new mod,” To said. “I enjoy figuring out what [mobile entities], structures and resources have been altered and how I can use these new additions to my advantage.”

To’s extensive understanding of modded Minecraft was not available to him when he first started out. Instead, he followed websites and guides to establish his foundation of crafting, coordinates and dimensions.

“I watched countless videos on Minecraft modification packs before for my own entertainment, but I never really memorized or understood what exactly was happening,” To said. “Minecraft guides have shown me how to summon blood rituals, search for underwater temples and create mythical weapons, helping me understand what I was watching on YouTube.”

To indulges in playing early Minecraft modifications to replicate the experience of watching his former favorite YouTubers, such as SSundee, DanTDM and PopularMMOS. He has previously built obsidian arenas, floating castles and sky bases inspired by these content creators.

“When I was younger, I always wanted to experience what these content creators felt in [their] play-throughs of the mod packs,” To said. “I personally like the nostalgia and craziness of each mod and how I can relate it to Minecraft videos I have watched from years ago.”

As a long-term interest, indulging in classic Minecraft modification packs remains a hobby that To appreciates in his free time. While To occupies himself with family activities and school work, he finds time to play different versions of Minecraft twice a week.

“Modded Minecraft helps me escape from reality and helps me stay content throughout my day, even when I am stressed.” To said. “I am really passionate about Minecraft as it shares an interactive way to view online creations and lets me feel like a child again.”

When he turned 14, To’s father bought him regular Minecraft Java, allowing him to play his favorite video game. Ever since then, To has constantly incorporated modifications into his gameplay, discovering mythical regions and fighting prehistoric creatures.

“Honestly, modded Minecraft has helped me through tough times and has taught me skills like communication and self-motivation.” To said. “In the future, I hope to continue this activity as it has expanded my horizons in production-level coding. Not only has the game shown me innovation, but it has helped me create an identity in the gaming community with my friends.” Ω