Xin Wang Food INC is a great place for home-style eats


Brandon Du, Staff writer

Xin Wang Food is a restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Chinese dishes. It is dimly lit and has a very homely feel to it as you step in. Lots of traditional Chinese memorabilia like a lucky cat and rice cookers surround the place and make the place elegant. The restaurant offers QR Codes on each table for easy ordering so you can order without having to speak Mandarin.

Located in the Walnut Plaza, under 10 minutes away from Walnut High School, the restaurant serves items such as Hainan chicken rice and handmade potato noodles as main courses. Items including steamed buns, lamb and beef skewers, garlic grilled eggplant, chicken wings and spicy cucumber salads are offered as appetizers. The potato noodles come with quail eggs, dried silky tofu, shredded kelp with fish tofu and baby bok choy for $15.99. The Hainan chicken rice comes with chicken breast, rice, soup and a variety of sauces including a ginger sauce and chili sauce. I found the ginger, chicken and rice to be a delicious flavor pairing. The ginger was refreshing and not too spicy, but offered a cooling taste. The chili sauce was mild, savory, sweet and spicy all at once. Soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil were also served at the table. Various drinks are also offered such as Coca-Cola and green tea. They also offer the carbonated drinks by Genki Forest located in a cooler near the back of the store.

I also ordered lamb and beef skewers for $14.00. Although both were quite small portions, they came on metal skewers and were filling on their own. The spice in the meat was quite mild, great for someone who is just getting into spicy foods. The texture was soft and tender to the point where it could almost melt in your mouth. In my opinion, the best way to eat it would be to eat part of the skewered meat one by one and just savor each bite for the best possible experience.

The wait for the food took roughly 15 minutes but was prepared fresh on the spot. I enjoyed the homey atmosphere because when you enter, you’re hit with soft lighting which helps soothe your eyes while waiting for the food to arrive. I would recommend Xin Wang Food if you don’t mind waiting for the food to arrive, but if you’re in a rush, it might not be worth all the wait. I would go back again when I’m not busy or just want to talk with some friends over food. The food was appetizing and satisfied my hunger without having to eat much. The best part about the food was pairing it with the sauces for a much more flavorful bite.