IL Gusto offers authentic gelato

Sofi Majeed, Manager

Nestled in a lively plaza full of restaurants, the tiny IL Gusto is located in West Covina. Walk too fast, and you’ll miss it. Walk too slowly, and you’ll find yourself staring through the windows at the many different tantalizing flavors of gelato they offer, in addition to their other menu items. 

IL Gusto serves a variety of crepes, diary free and regular gelatos, pastries and coffees. The place only has around three tables, each fitting two people. The small atmosphere makes the place seem more homey, though unfit for large groups.

The family-owned chain serves numerous flavors of gelato, ranging from dessert inspired to fruity flavors. At this time, they are not offering samples of each flavor. I tried the dairy-free mango gelato in a small cup. At first taste, I found its texture to be authentic, comparable to other gelatos I had eaten in the past. I also found it similar to dondurma, a type of Turkish ice cream I had eaten in Istanbul. The small size cup option was a fairly large portion of gelato, and the taste was an authentic mango flavor. My only critique of the flavor would be that it was quite sweet. The servings were very generous, to the point where gelato was almost spilling out of the cup. 

For the most part though, the gelato was very tasty and reminded me of the mangoes I often eat during the summer months. The mango flavor was most similar to Kent mangoes, so if you like that type of mango, this sweet treat is a must have. Overall, I would rate the place 4 stars out of 5, and would go again if I was in the area. Although the temperature was cold outside, the homey and warm restaurant allowed us to eat our gelato in peace, enjoying the cool flavor. Do I imagine myself going out of my way to stop here? In all honesty, no. However, the many dining options surrounding the IL Gusto makes it a great option for dessert, or something to snack on while waiting to be seated for the nearby eateries. IL Gusto makes a delectable treat no matter what time of year it is.