Capturing memories in frames

Photo courtesy of Miela Ganzon

Photo courtesy of Miela Ganzon

Remy Wong, Manager

Wherever there was a memory to be made, her uncle was there, capturing it with his camera. Every wedding, every birthday, junior Miela Ganzon developed a newfound love for photography from watching her uncle take pictures.  

It doesn’t matter what is happening, Ganzon tries to capture those perfect moments in daily life. Her uncle gave her his old camera, a Canon EOS Rebel XSI, which she still uses to this day.

“I was in the Philippines one time and I would enjoy taking pictures of my hometown,” Ganzon said. “I really [take photos] to capture the memories.”

Ganzon developed her own taste in photography when she was in journalism in middle school. This includes candid photos of her family and friends and landscapes. She treats it as a hobby that expresses her creativity. 

“[Photography] is really fun for me. I mainly take pictures of my friends for now,” Ganzon said. “I could see [life] more in a different perspective than what the eyes can perceive.”

Ganzon continues to challenge herself with photography, analyzing the different components that come with a good photo, including lighting and background.

“My favorite part is that I’m able to capture landscapes as well as moments that are worth the memories,” Ganzon said. 

Ganzon’s favorite photo so far was on a Las Vegas trip with her family. The large hotel window and city lights sparked inspiration within her. Her uncle, who is a part-time photographer, solidified this experience as memorable for Ganzon. He taught her how to focus on lighting and take professional pictures. 

“I liked that photo because it looked really nice,” Ganzon said. “I got inspired by my uncle that day.”

Not only does Ganzon take photos for the memories, but also for the feeling and rush she gets. She hopes to keep on taking photos as a hobby and pursue it as a part-time job in the future.

“Whenever I take a good photo I feel content and proud of myself,” Ganzon said. “I know that I was able to capture something the same way I visualized it to be.”