BenGong’s Tea provides classic milk and fruit teas

Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer

BenGong’s Tea, a boba tea shop founded in 2015, recently opened a new branch in the Mount San Antonio Center in Walnut. I was excited to try a new boba shop that prioritizes high-quality products and innovative drinks such as the Mango Pomelo Sago and Uji Matcha Boba Milk Tea. 

Walking into the relatively small shop, I first noticed the creative aesthetics of it such as a paper tree with customers’ resolutions which created a welcoming environment. The modern decor of the restaurant made me hope the drinks would taste as good as the way the shop looked. I ordered the Matcha Cheese Slush, which came out to $6.89, a reasonable price for a boba drink. The service at this boba shop was very good, as the servers were helpful and made my drink very quickly. After receiving the drink, I realized I forgot to ask for brown sugar boba. However, the drink still tasted delicious. The cheese foam complimented the sweetness of the matcha, creating a creamy sensation in the slush. 

Overall, BenGong’s Tea is a tea shop with lots of tasteful qualities. It stands out from other boba shops in the area as the quality of the drink exceeded my standards. The friendly and quick service makes me likely to return for more.