Security reexamined after nationwide increase in shooting

Ryan Lam and George Wang, News editors

With the rise of school shootings nationwide, Walnut administration is enforcing new security measures to ensure the safety of the students and faculty. For instance, the school has moved security guards to vital points on school grounds to patrol and watch for suspicious activity. They manage essential locations on campus that can help protect students if any event were to occur. 

While most areas on campus contain alarms that can be heard, some locations employ silent alarms to alert security personnel of any unauthorized individuals on campus. In the case of an emergency, the school has protocols in place: the preventative, emergency and imminent. Based on a survey of 131 students, 87.8 percent of students are aware of these three levels of lockdown procedures. The school has also received consultation from a retired Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) officer regarding identifying vulnerable areas. The officer plans to visit the campus periodically to assess security during different times of the day. “[SWAT officers] are helping us become more aware of the minor security issues around the school’s perimeter,” Operations Manager Conchita Cawley said.