Varsity swim team triumphs over Los Osos in a tough match

In a challenging meet, swim defeats Los Osos high school as results show impressive victories across the board.


Photo by David Kang

The final effort | Varsity boys captain sophomore Jaydan Trinh swims in the 100 yard butterfly. “It’s a really tiring stroke but it’s one of my strongest ones; I placed second at this meet,” Trinh said. “I like swimming because when I was younger I would always watch the swimming in the Olympics, which made me want to be like them. Even though the practice is rigorous, it gives me a good workout.”

In its fourth meet of the spring season, swim defeated Los Osos High School Tuesday, March 7. Varsity boys won 89-81, varsity girls won 88-82, junior varsity boys won 102-51 and junior varsity girls lost 84-70.

However, before the meet could start, a dropped bowl of pasta delayed the start of the meet for approximately 10 minutes. The glass from the shattered bowl caused the areas around the pool to be unusable until all the glass was removed. Because of Los Osos High School’s status as a D1 school, nerves were high.

“[Walnut] was nervous because they were a D1 school. The other team’s program was very organized and coordinated as a group,” junior varsity sophomore Steven Lee said. “But I think that
day was just like our day. We went out there and had a good little run.”

“I wasn’t really thinking that we could win at first,” varsity sophomore Max Wang said. “They were better than us, but even though it was hard going against a D1 school, we had enough quality swimmers to win.”

The meet began, with the events for junior varsity girls and boys, then varsity girls and boys events. Varsity junior Abigail Aggarao participated in the 200 meter medley relay, 100 yard
freestyle, 100 yard backstroke and the 400 yard freestyle relay. After her first event, Aggarao devised her strategy for the last three.

“That was not the best that I could do. I hope I can do better. I am preparing for my next events by warming up: I’m going to add a strategy of doing well underwater like breathing every four [strokes]. And in the last 50 meters I’ll go with whatever I have left,” Aggarao said.

Varsity junior Simone Hung swam in the 50 yard freestyle, 200 yard freestyle relay, 100 yard breaststroke and the 400 yard freestyle relay.

“I think I did alright. I wasn’t able to beat my personal record but I believe I did good and I still had fun,” Hung said. “My friends’, family’s and coach’s help keeps me determined because they are the ones who are constantly cheering me on while also giving me tips on how to beat my personal record.”

Varsity senior Nicholas Poon participated in the 200 yard individual medley (IM), 100 yard breaststroke, 200 yard medley relay and 400 yard freestyle medley, placing second in all four events.

“I think we won because they didn’t have enough swimmers. They have really good swimmers, but three swimmers especially are really good. My personal goal would be to beat them. But then
as a team, we had more people to get scores like second and third,” Poon said. “Because of this, I think Walnut is better overall and that’s why we won.” Ω