Varsity girls defeats Wilson in dominant fashion


George Wang, Staff writer

Varsity girls softball defeated Wilson High School 10-0 Monday, March 27, starting its league season with a 2-0 win streak. 

Walnut started the first inning strong, with pitcher junior Sela Haloholo pitching consistent balls, not allowing the opponent to have any runs. Later on in the second and third innings, Walnut kept things quick, going three up and three down, not allowing any batters to reach first base. 

“We had a rally going from the bottom of the lineup back to the top,” senior Reagan Acosta said. “I think I had two or three runs batted in that game, which allowed the others to reach home and make a run, so that helped us a lot.” 

Despite Walnut having a lead, Wilson did pose some challenges. In the beginning of the game, the opponent had a lot of players on the bases. However, Haloholo got the batters out, stopping Wilson from scoring any runs. In addition, there were also difficulties adjusting to the pitching speed of the opponent, considering it was much slower than what the players were used to. “

In the end, we all stayed positive and took home the win. We’re on a winning streak right now and the goal is to continue it and make it into CIF championships.

— senior Reagan Acosta

“Starting off, we got a little too comfortable and relaxed after being in the lead so we made a few careless mistakes,” utility player senior Mia Lozano said. “There were times where the morale was low but even so, I think we all kept a good mentality and scored early in the game.” 

Toward the middle of the game during the fifth inning, Walnut performed exceptionally well, with the team scoring five runs and a home run made by third baseman sophomore Isabella Marietta. Thanks to the confidence boost that the girls built up after scoring their runs, Wilson was unable to score anything throughout the game. 

“After that home run, the energy was contagious and everyone in the team was excited to hit and do their best,” right fielder freshmen Allison Reyes said. “It was just an intense game. Everyone was happy and was up and cheering.”

The game ended with a mercy rule, which ends the game early when one team is winning by a significant amount of runs. The next league game will be Wednesday, April 12, against Diamond Bar.