Media contest winner captures innovation

Freshman Megan Lin wins the 2023 Walnut Valley Water District media contest.


Ryan Lam, Staff Writer

Digital effects, artistic design, and captivating characters converge harmoniously within Lin’s contest-winning video production. Fueling her creativity with the whimsical aspirations of her younger siblings, she brings their comedic wishes to life, crafting a tangible project that captivates viewers.

Lin won the 2023 Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) media contest, ranking top 3 in each criteria category for media production. The primary criteria of a video submission for the contest included filming and designing a 30-60 second video featuring an innovative suggestion on increasing water preservation and reuse. 

“Winning the media contest brought me a sense of fulfillment. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the complicated editing process was my favorite part of the project,” Lin said. “I remember scrolling through the works of previous year’s winners before starting, which gave me the confidence that I could create something equally impressive.” 

For the editing process, Lin used different features from Clipchamp by Microsoft, incorporating a combination of stylistic video files and art and color manipulation. To add a touch of humor to the video, Lin included her siblings’ stuffed platypus as the main character to entertain audiences of all ages.

“Given that I share a close bond with my siblings, I always like to include a personal touch to my art and design to make it more special,” Lin said. “Most of the time, I take inspiration for my videos from their comedic films featuring them roleplaying with their stuffed animals. This time, they [chose] a stuffed platypus, which surprisingly worked for the project.”

Lin did not begin with all of her artistic video editing talents well developed. After her siblings’ grew an interest in animated media productions in kindergarten, Lin worked on quick media projects that required simpler software starting in elementary school. 

“While I was already enrolled in art class, I was fascinated by how a simple media concept could be turned into an online visual masterpiece,” Lin said. “The projects I did back then helped me explore the world of video production and I quickly picked up the skills necessary to create my own videos for fun.” 

Lin remains unsure of whether she will participate in the media contest again. Despite this, she wishes to continue exposing herself to new opportunities in both art and media. In time, Lin hopes to teach her siblings how to create more advanced films for their personal enjoyment. 

“There are many things that compete for my attention and time, so I do not want to overcommit myself to video editing, but I will definitely be keeping my options open to this media contest for next year,” Lin said. “Overall, I enjoyed the experience of creating and submitting a video since it showcased my skills and creativity. Winning was a confidence booster too.”