Winter Guard and Percussion twirl into grand finale

Ryan Lam, Staff writer

Varsity and junior varsity Winter Guard, Drumline and Winter Percussion performed their final show of “Work Me Out” and “Daisies” alongside the Suzanne Color Guard and Drumline in the gym Friday, April 28. 

Varsity’s performance centered on a theme inspired by 1980s aerobic workouts, showcasing a dynamic and energetic routine. On the other hand, the junior varsity’s show highlighted graceful and lyrical movements influenced by the choreography found in dance and ballet.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Suzanne Color Guard and Drumline, but they exceeded my expectations,” junior varsity freshman Giselle Lee said. “I am incredibly proud of our team this year, given that many audience members expressed amazement at our performance.” 

Winter Guard and Drumline took turns doing complete routines with the Suzanne Color Guard days before the performance. During these sessions, Winter Guard leaders taught middle school students how to spin their equipment and help choreograph the showcase. 

“As a senior, I am incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing team that goes beyond just a performance art or class; it feels like a family to me,” varsity captain senior Jessica Leung said. “Everyone on the team is incredibly loving and supportive, which fosters a strong bond among my peers and adds a special significance to our performances.” The Suzanne Drumline’s performance included a sports-inspired cadence of “The Gauntlet” by Chris Brooks, which was performed for the first time since the pandemic. Suzanne’s Color Guard also showcased songs with a slower tempo to help them adjust to their equipment. 

“As the middle-schoolers performed a piece I specifically wrote for them, it was mostly centered around the idea of giving [them] a challenge with several different rhythms and heights,” percussionist senior Nicholas Cobo said. “It felt cool being able to share the knowledge I learned at Walnut with the next generation.”