Choir ends year with memorable melodies

Kaelin David, Staff writer

Choir closed the school year with their vibrant Spring Pops “Night in the Theatre” concert on May 5-6.

The concert showcased all five choir ensembles, with tunes from Disney’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” to Dean Martin’s “Mambo Italiano.” The ensembles have spent the past two months learning and refining the tunes and corresponding choreography. 

“I liked the dances, just being on stage, and spending time with my friends in the [backstage],” Chamber Singer bass junior Edin Lu said. “We were all warmed up by the ending song and we just shined on that last one.” 

Members were faced with repertoire that had challenging lyrical structure and choreography. Alongside their in-class preparation, members participated in after school practice that were made up of technical and dress rehearsals. 

“[I loved] seeing the final show put together because it takes time with all [the] practices from learning the music to learning the dances and seeing it [altogether] is an amazing feeling,” said Rhapsody in Blue soprano senior Ariana Orozco. 

The concert was a bittersweet moment for many as they bid farewell to their fellow seniors. Although the school year is coming to an end, the connection members have with one another remains unfaltering.

“I know so many of the seniors and I got to know my group so well. Since it’s the last concert, it means that I won’t perform with these people again, so it’s sad, but I’m looking forward to getting closer to [them] before they go,” Lu said. 

For many seniors, Spring Pops was a culminating production, a space to appreciate and reflect on their time in choir. 

“I loved everything about choir. It really has brought many great memories and impacted my life in ways I wouldn’t have expected so I will miss it so much,” Orozco said.

Beyond musicianship and countless hours of practice, choir has brought many members a sense of community. The ensembles look forward to welcoming in new members for the upcoming school year, actively planning their summer bonding sessions. 

“In the end, choir is about making friends and just getting to be with them afterwards. I get to spend time with people that I love and make music with people who love what they’re doing,” Rhapsody in Blue soprano junior Giselle Munoz said.