Mr. Moore logs off for the last time


Kaelin David, Staff Writer

From a small Nebraska town, sketching pictures onto panels of cardboard, to a classroom filled with the mechanical whir and whine of 3D printers, the final rendering of Michael Moore’s teaching career is nothing short of versatile. 

Altogether, Moore has been an educator in industrial arts for 35 years. He began teaching at Glendora High School in 1988, and arrived at Walnut in 2005, where he currently teaches computer aided drafting and engineering.

“I have learned to be flexible and always leave a student with something positive, no matter what they’re going through. Everybody’s got something positive about them, you just have to find it,” Moore said. “I’ve never refused any students in my classes at all… I could understand what kids needed to learn and maybe teach different strategies so they grasp whatever I’m teaching.” 

As his retirement nears closer, Moore hopes to embark on a road trip across the United States, spending time with family and taking care of his grandchildren. He hopes to become more involved in his parish, where he participates in mens’ ministries and teaches Bible study. For Moore, the memories he has made while teaching will always remain by his side.

“They’ve always treated me like a regular teacher, there’s never been a difference. That’s why I love it, because, as a teacher, if you have administration and you have people that are behind you, you can do amazing things. They never made me feel like I was not a part of the staff, and they were just friendly. This is a place where, anywhere you go, you feel like you’re family,” Moore said.