Ms. Lamb says “adios” to her classes


Kaelin David, Staff Writer

Laughter rings through Spanish teacher Nancy Lamb’s classroom as her students gather around a rosca de reyes (round bread of kings) in celebration of King’s Day, anticipating which student will find a plastic baby in their slice of bread. 

Lamb infuses Spanish cultural activities in her curriculum to expose students to the customs and traditions of Spanish-speaking regions around the world. In the classroom, Lamb encourages a “positive outlook” toward her students’ education.

“That’s one of my biggest goals with my students — to [help them] step out of their culture, norms and comfort zones and experience what other people are experiencing,” Lamb said.

Lamb has been an educator for 41 years, teaching Spanish levels 1-3 between her time in Indiana and California. She began teaching after receiving an opportunity to teach at the University of Barcelona during her master’s program where she studied Spanish literature. 

“I try to be a good role model for them and encourage them that this is only a moment,” Lamb said. “Their actual life will begin after high school and it’s what they do in that pursuit after high school.” 

As the school year comes to a close, Lamb plans to travel, garden, spend time with her family and stay active through bike riding.

“When you read biographies and autobiographies, you learn from people. In my classroom, it’s all about traveling through literature–the things you learn about other countries and cultures,” Lamb said.