Crumbling Cookies from Crumbl Cookies


Sajjan Sandhu, Scene editor

Along Birch Street in Brea is Crumbl Cookies, a popular chain dessert shop known for its delicious variety of cookies. The chain cookie store has a weekly menu with six new cookie options being available each week Monday through Saturday.

Walking in I felt the welcoming energy, through the white and light pink walls and the fresh smell of cookies. I could tell that the employees were passionate about their jobs as I noticed them smile and laugh while they were preparing the cookies. I was excited to order when walking up to the counter. This week’s flavors are the Caramel Pumpkin, Cookie Dough, Classic Oatmeal, Galaxy Brownie, Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar. I decided to order all six. The total cost was $20.24, which seems expensive but is actually reasonable considering how big each cookie is. The cost of a single cookie is $4.25. The Caramel Pumpkin had just the right amount of caramel in the frosting, and the cookie itself was warm and tasted like autumn with the pumpkin flavor. This was my personal favorite because it is seasonal yet always enjoyable. The Cookie Dough cookie was served cold and it had a creamy taste with enjoyable chunks of cookie dough on top. I did not enjoy the Classic Sugar as much as the others because of the crumbling texture of the cookie and the overwhelmingly sweet frosting. The Classic Oatmeal was enjoyable and warm with the taste of vanilla, but was slightly dry. The Galaxy Brownie was another one of my favorites because it was soft, chewy and chocolatey. However, my cookie fell apart quite easily, so I recommend waiting for it to cool down before eating it. Another one of my go to cookies was the Milk Chocolate Chip. The texture is soft on the inside and firm enough to not fall apart, and the chocolate chips added just the right amount of sweetness.

Crumbl is a niche dessert store with a modern, bright theme and youthful energy throughout. The cookies were brought out to me as I waited outside for them, which shows the quality customer service that the employees are known for. I recommend coming to Crumbl for a sweet treat whenever you feel like having a mouthwatering, cake-like cookie.