Dr. Martens: the shoe to never be forgotten


Sajjan Sandhu, Scene editor

The one-of-a-kind styling and individuality of Dr. Martens boots are just a few reasons why this shoe brand has become a timeless piece in the fashion industry. Though they have been peaking in popularity recently, these shoes have been an outfit staple for many decades. The bold styles appeal to many of all ages and groups with the variety of ways they can be styled with different clothes and accessories. 

The most popular styles are black high-top lace-up boots, which offer a sleek and classic look that can be paired with all fashion aesthetics. Dr. Martens also offers footwear in red, brown and white colorways. Though their speciality is black leather boots, Dr. Martens offers  casual shoes and sandals as well. The company even produces shoes for toddlers and juniors as well as the standard sizes. Most of the shoes are leather, with a rubber base and visible yellow stitching above the base. This distinct look is how the company makes its shoes recognizable. The variety of options coupled with the few consistent characteristics allows the brand to be versatile while remaining iconic. 

The styles vary from typical lace-ups to more outgoing and bold options with metal hardware buckles and vibrant pink co lorways. The brand also has many sandals with straps, which are more casual and breathable. After they have been broken in, the shoes are relatively comfortable and sturdy, allowing them to last for many years.

The prices of these high-quality shoes range from around $70-$310, which is expected considering the workmanship and brand recognition. Overall, the shoes combine simplicity with high fashion and are durable to boot. If you desire boots or shoes that will catch anyone’s attention and are made by a high quality brand, Dr. Martens is where you should look.