Gubernatorial recall election held in MPR


Sophia Parungao, News editor

The multi-purpose room (MPR) was used as a gubernatorial recall election voting site from Friday, Sept. 3 to Friday, Sept. 14. 

Voters entered through the faculty parking lot to reach the MPR, where the voting occurred. Masks, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves were available to the voters at the personal protective equipment station upon entry. If a voter refused to wear a facial covering, they were provided with a ballot outdoors, which would be considered as curbside voting. 

“We don’t deny anybody voting,” election assistant lead worker Michael Ridgeway said. “We have different options for people to vote safely. Safety is a big priority considering the pandemic.”

The stations inside the MPR were managed by county workers and volunteers. At the check-in station, voters were identified as registered in Los Angeles County. Provisional voters, or voters that were registered under a different county, were required to re-register to continue the voting process. After identification, the voters received a ballot with a personalized quick response (QR) code. 

“Instead of using ink and pen to make voter selections like before the pandemic, everything is electronic,” election lead worker Thanh Pham said. “Voters can now have their voice heard through a digital process.”

Voters took their ballot to the available ballot marking devices to cast their vote. These devices mark and print ballots based on the voter’s digital selection. The completed ballots were collected and taken to the voting checking center in Diamond Bar at the end of each day. Following the checking center, ballots were taken to the voting headquarters in Norwalk for the official count. 

“Voting helps people express who they want in office and who they trust to make the right decisions,” Ridgeway said. “It’s important for people to come and vote if they want their say in those things. That’s what voting is all about.”