Cheer team hosts its annual Junior Cheer Camp


Dylan Wang

Varsity junior Stella Lim performs a cheer during the first quarter with young cheerleaders who participated at the Junior Cheer Camp. “I am super excited that I got to help teach girls how to cheerlead,” Lim said.

Scott Chen, Arts editor

To provide an opportunity for younger students to try out cheerleading, the cheer team hosted its annual Junior Cheer Camp from Tuesday, Aug. 23 to Wednesday, Aug. 24. 

Over a course of three days, participants were taught basic cheer moves, increase the energy of the crowd, traditional Mustang cheers and half-time performances. For example, they were taught a beginners stunt known as a thigh stand, where two cheerleaders kneel down on one knee facing each other, allowing a flier to stand on them. 

“When I’m working with the younger girls, I feel excited as I see their happiness while they cheer and learn new material,” junior varsity sophomore Madison Gutierrez said. ”The smiles on their faces make me happy as it shows they are enjoying it.”

For safety reasons, cheerleaders simplified stunts and routines they practiced regularly in order to avoid injury. For instance, a typical thigh stand stunt involves holding a cheerleader by the hand. To ensure the young cheerleaders can practice without injuring themselves, they stood on a cheerleader’s leg. A more simplified version also allowed participants to better understand the moves.

“[Teaching them] is really fun since you get to teach them something they have not experienced before,” junior varsity sophomore Kylie Tan said. “It’s like teaching your younger self how to do something.”

Young cheerleaders utilized the skills they learned at the camp to perform with the cheer team at the home football game against Esperanza High School on Thursday, Aug. 25. They performed a choreographed dance during halftime and performed cheers to encourage football players and for the crowd to cheer with them. 

“The girls caught on fast to the cheers and dances and I can not wait to perform with them,” varsity cheer senior Stella Lim said. “You can really tell how determined and passionate they are to be at Junior Cheer Camp which makes the experience even better.”