Marching band chooses new drum majors


Scott Chen, Arts editor

Here comes the new head drum major, Mylyn Tayag, and assistant drum majors Anthony Chae, Markus Truong and Kenia Hernandez. 

Because of COVID-19 restrictions last year, marching band was restricted to only three drum majors. This year, restrictions were lifted, allowing four drum majors to be chosen. Musicians are now allowed to practice indoors, having practiced on the field most of the time last year.  

“I want to be able to help the band as much as I can and be able to perform a show that we are proud of,” assistant drum major junior Truong said. “The energy of the band is contagious so we are always having a good time.” 

Drum majors serve as a liaison between band directors and approximately 180 band members to ensure events and activities run smoothly. They are also responsible for conducting and organizing the entire group, helping the group stay in tempo. 

“I want to try to create an environment where people are comfortable asking for help, even in non-band related manners,” assistant drum major junior Hernandez said. “It can be stressful but it is really rewarding to see my peers grow both as musicians and as [people].” 

Marching band is currently preparing for their first competition, the Colony Tournament, on Oct. 16. 

“The meaning of family and unity started to become the new and most valued attributes of what a band means,” head drum major senior Tayag said. “We have already started executing these values and when we are on the field, the name ‘Blue Thunder’ represents all of us.”