Varsity boys water polo falls to Chino Hills


Daniel Lee, Sports editor

Varsity boys water polo lost to Chino Hills 8-20 in a home game Thursday, Sept. 1.

The Mustangs took the early lead with junior Kevin Tseng scoring the first goal 40 seconds into the match. Though they had the momentum, the Mustangs lost it as Chino Hills scored four times consecutively after the opening goal. The score was 2-5 in the first quarter with senior Samuel Au scoring the other point.

“We knew that something needed to change if we wanted a chance in this game,” senior Talmage Cobb said. “We needed to get our head in the game and to communicate better.”

In the second quarter, the Mustangs scored one goal compared to Chino Hills’ four. 

“We weren’t communicating very well in the first half and they got the better of us on defense,” senior Samuel Au said. “We did manage to score a lot more in the second half once we figured out what we were doing wrong, but at that point the gap was looking big.

Chino Hills continued to extend their lead in the 3rd and 4th quarter, with the Mustangs scoring four in the second half. 

“The game didn’t turn out as we hoped but we didn’t have our morality stomped,” junior Kaleb Dy said. “Our heads weren’t in the game but we promised ourselves to stay positive no matter what happened.”